Individual design

  • Dimensioning for northern conditions.
  • We conduct a third-party inspection of each hall.
  • The frame structure can also be dimensioned for bridge or roof cranes.

Steel lattice construction

  • No support pillars.
  • Dimensions can be freely defined.

Made of Finnish steel

  • Made in Finland.
  • Sandblasted and painted or hot-dip galvanized.
  • CE marked.

Stand on an tarmac base

  • Steel anchors.
  • Stress test from each hall.

The best material on the market

  • 900g/m2.
  • -40/+70°C.
  • Pre-tensioned.
  • Translucent.
  • Non-flammable.
  • UV protected.
  • Mold protected.
  • Can be recycled.

ISO standardized

  • Material ISO 9001/14001.
  • Manufacturing ISO 9001.


  • Coloring freely selectable.
  • Shapes and logos according to the corporate look.


  • Plans.
  • Electrification.
  • Electricity centers.
  • Wirings.
  • Lightings.


  • According to the customer’s wishes.
  • Visiting, sliding and folding doors from the highest quality suppliers.

Air condition

  • Mechanical.
  • Air drying.


  • Partitions/space dividers.
  • Canopies.

Water roof equipment

  • Snow barriers and droppers.
  • Rainwater systems.

Energy efficiency

  • Inner cover.
  • Insulation (stone wool/sandwich element on the walls, blown wool on the roof)
  • Heating.

Up to 30% lower heating costs than in a concrete hall.


  • Very fast compared to traditional construction methods.
  • Ready-to-use space up to 1000m² per week.
  • Independent of the season time.


  • Due to changes in usage needs, the hall’s functions may have to be modified very strongly during its long life cycle.
  • Modyfying of the halls is very simple. For example, structures can be insulated, lengthened, shortened, access roads added, divided into parts, equipment changed, etc.


  • Frame 100 years.
  • Cover 50 years.
  • Continued use of structures at the end of a long life cycle.
  • All structures are recyclable.


  • Steel anchors that can be installed on an asphalt base make it possible to set up the hall inexpensively and quickly.
  • The durable materials and the modular construction method enable the hall to be easily moved to a new location, either disassembled or even whole.

Cost effectiveness

  • A superior alternative in terms of construction costs compared to other construction methods.
  • The heating energy consumption of an insulated hall is up to 30% less than that of a similar concrete structure.

Resale value

  • The very long life cycle of the structures, combined with adaptability and easy portability, preserves the hall’s resale value excellently.

Financing options

  • Sales.
  • Renting.
  • Leasing.

Hall care, easy and affordable!

The Hallix maintenance contract increases the warranty of the structures to 50 years.
>> Prices starting from 38€/month.


  • Annual inspection every 12 months.
  • 24h repair service.
  • Documented life cycle.


  • Repair work in connection with the annual inspection without travel expenses.
  • Warranty 50 years.
  • Better resale value.
  • Longer life cycle.