Quality and principles


Tailored design

  • Dimensions suitable for Northern conditions.
  • All of our buildings are inspected by a third party.
  • Frame structures can be sized for overhead cranes.

Braced steel frames

  • No support pillars.
  • Customisable dimensions.

Made from Finnish steel

  • Made in Finland.
  • Sandblasted and coated or hot-dip galvanised.
  • CE marked.

Erected on an asphalt surface

  • Steel anchors.
  • All of our buildings undergo tensile testing.


The best material on the market

  •  900 g/m2.
  • -40/+70 °C.
  • Pre-tightened.
  • Translucent.
  • Non-combustible.
  • UV-protected.
  • Mould-protected.
  • Recyclable.

Compliant with ISO standards

  • Material: ISO 9001/14001.
  • Manufacture: ISO 9001.


  • Fully customisable colours.
  • Shapes and logos tailored to the company image.


Electrical wiring

  • Plans.
  • Electrical wiring.
    • Cabinets.
    • Wiring.
    • Lighting.
  • Metering inspections.


  • Personnel doors.
  • Overhead doors.
  • Sliding doors.
  • Ventilation.
  • Mechanical.
  • Dehumidification.


  • Divider walls / room dividers.
  • Canopies.
  • Roof accessories.
  • Snow guards and other snow removal systems.
  • Rainwater systems.

Energy efficiency

  • Ceiling panels.
  • Insulation.
    • Walls insulated with wool insulation slabs.
    • Roof insulated with spray rockwool insulation.
  • Heating.
    • Up to 30% reduction in heating costs compared to concrete buildings.


  •  Extremely fast compared to traditional construction methods.
    • Achieve up to 1000 m2 of ready-to-use space in a week.
    • Can be installed any time of year.


  •  If the purpose of a building changes, the functions of the building may need to be drastically adjusted during its long lifecycle.
    • Adjusting our buildings is extremely simple. The structures can be isolated, lengthened, shortened and divided, more doorways can be added and the systems and components changed.


  • Frame: 100 years.
  • Cover: 50 years.
  • Materials can be repurposed when a building reaches the end of its long service life.
    • All structures are recyclable.


  •  Our buildings are inexpensive and fast to erect thanks to steel anchors installed on an asphalt surface.
  • Durable materials and modular assembly allow a building to be easily transported to a new location in parts or even as a whole.

Cost effectiveness

  • In terms of building costs, a Hallix building is second to none compared to other building methods.
  • Our insulated buildings consume up to 30% less heating energy compared similar concrete buildings.

Resale value

  • Hallix buildings retain their high resale value thanks to the extremely long lifecycle of the structures, adjustability and ease of transport.

Financing options

  • Buy.
  • Rent.
  • Lease.


Hallix buildings are easy and inexpensive to maintain.


With a Hallix maintenance agreement, the structures are covered by a 50-year warranty.


  • Starting from EUR 38 pcm.
  • Includes:
    • Annual inspection every 12 months.
    • Round-the-clock repair service.
    • Documented lifecycle.
  • Benefits:
    • Repairs carried out during the annual inspection do not incur any travel expenses.
    • A 50-year warranty.
    • Higher resale value.
    • Longer lifecycle.