Tailored for you

We deliver our products as a turnkey solution. We design and manufacture buildings according to your specific needs using our modular solutions.


Designed to last

Our buildings are designed to withstand the elements of the demanding Northern climate conditions. To ensure a building’s long service life and resale value, it is important that the building’s dimensions allow it to be smoothly transported to any location.


We only use the best materials

Our buildings are always manufactured using only the best materials on the market. All of the materials we use can also be recycled.

Our steel structures are made entirely from Finnish steel, which is 100% traceable and has a small manufacturing carbon footprint.

Our covers are made of a PVC fabric, which has the longest service life on the market. The fabric is pre-tightened at the manufacturing stage, meaning that it won’t need to be tightened at any point when the fabric is in use.


Supplied by the best

In addition to customer-oriented planning and using the best materials, achieving the best result also requires the building to be equipped with the appropriate options. The most common of these are, naturally, lighting, ventilation, doors and other such features.

We take care of these, too! We source the options tailored to match your needs from the best suppliers.


A business card for your company

Our buildings can be branded to match your company image with colours and logos. This is a great opportunity to show your creativity, so don’t hesitate to suggest your design ideas – we’ll implement them.


Supported by steel structures and covered with a PVC fabric, a Hallix building is a high-quality and cost-effective solution for a range of different purposes


Hybrid buildings combine the best features of traditional permanent buildings and PVC buildings.