Hallix Finland Oy’s business operations started in October 2019, when four friends started manufacturing halls in Kokkola.

The first hall delivery left for Kuusamo after just six weeks. During the successful first year of operation, 12 Hallix halls went up all over Finland, producing at the same time 30,000 m2 of covered surface area. The largest single hall was completed in Oulu’s Rusko and was no less than 64 x 99 meters in size.

Our vision is not to fill the entire globe with our halls, but to offer the market the best quality, but still competitively priced option. The safety and longevity of the halls is a matter of our hearts. That is why the steel frames and PVC covers are manufactured in Kokkola as Finnish quality work from the best materials on the market. In addition, a third party always checks our plans and calculations.

In the spring of 2021, we acquired the French Lauralu, which has been working with PVC halls for more than 20 years, as the main owner. At the same time, the merger gave Hallix wider shoulders to expand production in Finland as well as to start export operations.

We have long-term professionals who have decades of experience in hall construction. Our development work has resulted in new types of products that, in terms of quality, durability and appearance, compete completely alongside traditional steel halls, while still remaining at a very attractive level in terms of costs.