We design and manufacture halls exactly according to your needs, using our modular solutions.


The high-quality PVC-halls we manufacture are designed to withstand the demanding conditions of the north.

It is highly important for the long life cycle and resale value that the hall is already dimensioned in the initial situation so that it can be moved anywhere in the World without any worries.


We always manufacture the halls from the best raw materials on the market. All the materials we use can also be recycled.

For the steel frame, we only use domestic steel, which is 100% traceable and the carbon footprint caused by manufacturing is small.

The PVC fabric we use as a covering material is the best on the market in terms of lifespan.

The fabric is already pre-tensioned during the manufacturing phase, and thus it no longer needs to be post-tensioned at any point in the hall’s life cycle.


A functioning hall solution requires not only customer-oriented design and the best materials, but also different equipment depending on the purpose of the hall.

The most common additional equipment is, of course lighting, ventilation, doors, etc.

You don’t have to worry about these either. Through us, you get equipment that meets your needs, from the best manufacturers in Finland.


The hall can be branded to support the corporate look with the help of coloring and logos.

Only the sky is the limit and we are happy to make your wildest dreams come true!

The strongly dimensioned steel-framed HALLIX® hall is a truly high-quality and cost-effective solution for all cold space needs.

Careful domestic work from design to installation and the best materials on the market guarantee the hall a carefree service life of decades and a strong resale value.

A hall with a PVC roof is a great choice for the needs of heated premises.

The strong and 100% sealed PVC roof protects the building from weather conditions, and the insulation implemented according to the customer’s energy efficiency wishes optimizes heating costs.

The insulated PVC hall is an acoustically great option for spaces where echo characteristics and noise nuisance are noteworthy.

HALLIX Hybrid® halls are a new combination of steel frame and PVC roof and Sandwich element construction.

The building type utilizes the best aspects of modern construction options, which create cost-effective and versatile buildings that meet different requirements.

HALLIX Hybrid® halls are always designed and implemented on a case-by-case basis according to the customer’s wishes and needs to serve their purpose as well as possible.

Our vision is not to fill the entire globe with our halls, but to offer the market the best quality, but still competitively priced option.

The safety and longevity of the halls is a matter of our hearts. That is why the steel frames and PVC covers are manufactured in Kokkola as Finnish quality work from the best materials on the market. In addition, a third party always checks our plans and calculations.